Pull Buoy EXT


The professional buoy Pull Buoy EXT is an indispensable accessory for training your upper body muscles and improving your stroke technique! The buoy’s ergonomic shape makes isolating leg work easy and effective, while adding additional load to the arms. The buoy is made of durable, wear-resistant EVA material with a high level of buoyancy to keep the swimmer’s legs in a horizontal position.
SIZE: 22x10x12 cm
Perfect your technique – improve your stroke, balance and stabilization in the water;
Ergonomic shape – increased comfort and reliability;
Effective leg fastening – the simulator can be securely and quickly fastened to your legs and ankles to add additional load to the core muscles;
Soft EVA foam material – will provide you with enhanced durability and comfort swim after swim;
Precisely selected float characteristics – stable floating and comfort when using the trainer.

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